Educate Yourself on These Brake Warning Signs

There's never a good time to have your brakes fail, and whether you're taking your Ram 1500 to the jobsite or you're visiting friends in your Durango, you want to stay safe. This is why it's important for our customers to understand the warning signs that there is an issue with your brakes, and prevent any potential problems from arising. Get familiar with these signs, then contact us if you have questions about what your Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee needs.

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What's That Noise?

It's common for drivers to notice a grinding or squealing noise when the brakes are applied, and typically this is the first symptom of an issue with your brake system. Rather than wait until you can no longer stand it, bring your vehicle to us to be seen immediately to avoid potential mishaps. You wouldn't want your brakes to fail when you need them most.

Why Is My Car Doing That?

Does your car pull to one side when you press the brake pedal? Have you noticed a shaking when you try to come to a stop? Either of these signs points to trouble with your rotors and brake system. Another symptom is slow to respond or spongy brakes that need to be pressed to the floor to stop your vehicle. All of these are unsafe and should be fixed immediately.

So, What Now?

Our team is here to provide your vehicle with the level of care that it deserves, including the use of only OEM-approved parts for the best fit each time. We know what types of brake pads to use, and we carry a large stock of ceramic and metallic pads, plus the rotors that you need for the best stopping power. All you have to do to take advantage of this service is contact us here or fill out our online service scheduler, and we'll get in touch with you regarding your appointment.

There's no special number that will tell you how often to have your brakes repaired, but paying attention to the way your Chrysler Pacifica drives, and even taking a mental note of when the last repair was done can hopefully help you avoid potential dangers. Don't let failing brakes put a damper on your fun -- visit us today and keep the fun going.

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