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There are so many components to a Ram 1500, so we understand that getting to know them all can be stressful. The good news is that our team has the know-how to take care of it all for you, but knowing how to spot a problem yourself is equally important. There is more to a vehicle than just the battery, so it only makes sense that if there is a problem, our customers may end up scratching their heads. The good news is that our team is standing by to help you solve your vehicle-related woes.

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Signs of a Problem

Knowing when to call our service department is something every driver should be prepared for, and with our help, you know have the information you need. A general guideline is to contact us when anything seems out of place, but here are some specific issues for your charging systems and battery that you should be familiar with.

First, it's important to know what other components, besides your battery, are at play when your vehicle is starting or running. The starter is what you use when you turn the key in your ignition. If there is a problem with your starter, your vehicle will turn over slowly or not at all. Your alternator is responsible for charging your battery while your Jeep Wrangler is running, and it works with your battery to run the electrical components. When either part is not working properly, you will experience malfunctioning electrical systems, like headlights, wipers, and more.

  • If your Chrysler Pacifica has trouble cranking over, sounds odd, or doesn't start
  • Your electrical systems may be acting erratically
  • Noticing a lot of corrosion on your battery could be trouble down the road
  • Extreme heat and cold also affects the life of your battery, which is usually three to five years

If you suspect your Dodge Durango needs its charging systems or battery serviced, schedule an appointment online or by contacting us directly, and we'll get you in to be seen. Our team wants you to have a car, truck, or SUV that is working properly, so let us get you back into your routine fast.

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